Health Care workers balk at Covid-19 vaccine

    After sleeping in this morning to 7:30 am, and making a big pot of Holler Roast Coffee and my daily cheese omelet, I woke up the computer.  As I sipped my coffee, I perused yahoo news..   It seems that quite a few health care professionals, including a Cardio-thoracic Surgeon, have their doubts about the safety or effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccination. (Yahoo goes on the bring up his race. We don’t care, but they feel the need to keep race in the news somehow regarding EVERYTHING.  Yeah, that’s another post….)  He says he might consider taking the virus in  April or May. That would allow him to see the vaccine side effects in the general population before taking a chance on an experimental vaccine.  The Dr. is going to let you be the guinea pig. If the general population has no ill effects, THEN he will consider it.

Another example  is an ICU nurse in Houston who has refused vaccination. She says 80% of her co-workers feel the same. How many health care professionals will we loose when its mandatory for all health care professionals to maintain their licenses?

There are front-line healthcare organizations in the country who are boasting near 100% vaccinations after some of them bribed their employees with free Waffle House breakfasts and AUTOMOBILE RAFFLES..  Hmmm… (Los Angeles  is giving $500 bonuses AND entrance into later prize raffles which include Air BnB gift cards, $100 Lyft gift cards, security cameras and other prizes to every Los Angeles Fire Department member who receives both doses of the vaccine.)

Ohio’s Governor DeWine  is on record saying that only about 40% of health care professionals in his state have accepted the vaccine.

When you have to BRIBE people who are supposed to be the most vulnerable, and they feel they know better, what makes you think the vaccine is really safe for you?

Now, My thoughts.

Since it traditionally takes TEN YEARS to develop and test a vaccine, I don’t trust an experimental vaccine. Especially when this virus is not life-threatening for 99% of the population.  Way back in April, 2020,Dr. Anthony Fauci  TESTIFIED that if you included EVERYONE who got the virus, including those who never got any symptoms, the mortality rate was 1%..  They blow the numbers up and assume every one of 330,000,000 citizen of the USA will get it to get their “potential deaths”. And throughout this Covid fiasco, the true number of deaths have been dramatically lower than the  projections time and time again.

Is it something of which to be mindful? Yes. Should we  be especially concerned for the elderly and those with a compromised immune system? Yes. Should we shut down small businesses while allowing ALL big box stores to stay open? NO!!

My solution: Start using  hydroxychlorquine as per Dr Vladimir Zelenko’s regimen. Anybody who actually thinks hydroxychlorquine is dangerous is not doing any research. Some people have been taking it DAILY FOR 40+ YEARS! Its a common treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis and some other auto-immune diseases.  Its a zinc ionophore.  It helps zinc (A KNOWN anti-viral) penetrate the cellular walls of your cells.  Dr. Zelenko’s anecdotal evidence shows that if treatment is started at the onset of the disease (Instead of late-term like the studies “disproving” the regimen.), the vast majority of patients will get through Covid-19 just fine. Until then, I and my family will continue taking my Quercertin, Zinc, D3 and vitamin C.

I wish you all health. Even if you disagree with everything I say.

I may be wrong, but at least “I Thunk About It.”